About Keim Concept

Mission Statement: To empower people to attain their most ambitious goals by providing opportunities, knowledge, and relationships.

Success Team Workshops were created because everyone has a wish or a dream; but most people never take action to make them come true. The Success Team method is the necessary catalyst to turn these goals into reality.

“So, is there a dream or wish you continually find yourself thinking about and aren’t quite sure where to start?”

Research has shown that dreams bring out creativity and, conversely, when they are suppressed, it leads to feelings of suffering, judgment, grief, and jealousy. Sadly, most people go to their grave never even attempting to live their own unique dream or wish.

The Success Team will help you find the fastest path to success, and in return “You” too will help the team do the same. We’ll provide you with plenty of support along the way, plus creative ideas, structure, and fun. I’m very excited to bring the concept of Barbara Sher’s “Success Team Workshop” to West Michigan.

Hi! I am Pamela Keim, Co-founder and CEO, of Keim Concept.  I am also a Registered Success Team Facilitator of the Barbara Sher “Success Team Program”.  I have spent 17 years with Meals on Wheels, 8 years as the Director of Client Services for an elderly demographic. Through this position I had daily interactions with seniors where I heard countless tales of hearts filled with regret and unfulfilled potential. These experiences have given me the courage to take risks and be fearless because you only live once.

Through being an avid reader and passionate advocate of self-improvement, I discovered the Barbara Sher Program- by a Team approach.  I learned how important it is to create your own happiness. It has inspired me to overcome my own fears and the barriers that were keeping me from going after my dreams.  By taking part in a Success Team Workshop you will push through the obstacles holding you back. This workshop will help illuminate a path that can make your goals come to fruition.

In the end, sometimes we think our lives are boring or ordinary, and we decide to live vicariously through others who we think are more important and exciting.  But we need to understand that our life matters, our dreams are worth reaching, and our thoughts are worth sharing.  We only get one life to live, and we want to live it with no regrets. Let me help you reach your goals. The time to Decide Higher™ and grab life by the horns is now.

Pamela Keim

Success Team was great! It helped keep me laser focused on what I was trying to accomplish and the camaraderie that our group built will be an ongoing recourse that I will cherish.  I am looking forward to participating in the Idea Parties for years to come!


Rachel Caliendo

Owner, Tom+Chee