“A critic is a person that know the way, but can’t drive the car.”

  Kenneth Tynan-English theatre critic and writer-1927-1980

From Pamela’s Desk

Sometimes you can read a quote and understand it with a little humor.  After researching Kenneth Tynan and his better understand his life and meaning behind his famous quote.  I totally learned to understand his tormented but successful career. How many of us get the term ‘constructive criticism’; you know from our supportive friends and family, in which they deliver this, with a little bit of joy…but feel you need to hear it to be better.  To be honest, I am learning to keep these people at a distance; because when you need to become more courageous it is the people that praise me, not with ‘false praise’ they push me and my efforts, and they wait to see if I correct or seek to correct; by allowing me to take those steps for the better.     

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