“For all those that have gone before us.” John F. Kennedy

From Pamela’s Desk:

It crazy today seeing people sitting back and demonizing past generations.  Like that’s some act of nobility.  Judging as though somehow that they would have lived during those difficult times, and would of had the courage to endure those lives hardships, plus having the wisdom and knowledge to create a better future.  This sounds like me; when a teenager telling my parents, that I was going to do it all of it, differently when I grow up.  I laugh now at how silly I was to think I understood how to raise a family and handle all the responsibilities of life!   Although the past is far from perfect; who really knows what perfect is?  My parents were doing the best they knew how during life’s struggles – aren’t we all?  We will soon be judged by future generations for past/present decisions.  Why should we get a pass on that?  We are teaching our young to deflect life’s difficulties, fears, and struggles on others. When I learned what people had to endure years ago, frankly, I feel blessed that I didn’t live during those times; and I’m especially grateful that my ancestors made it through! Truthfully, I’ll never know the hardships and feelings they endured….. But I will be always grateful for all those that have gone before me!        

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Pamela Keim
Co-Founder & CEO, Keim Concept
Grand Tap Media 


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