“If you know how to do things, you will always have a job.  If you know why you do them, you will always be a leader.” Strive Masiytwa

From Pamela’s Desk

Working under a supervisor is different than working under a leader.  I have had many supervisors in my career; but only one great leader.  Under supervisors, I did my job to please my supervisor but under the great leader, I worked to improve myself to become a great leader. Working under a great leader everything seemed possible; even every mountain that stood in the way of reaching our goals seemed climbable and  time was a breeze.  Once you have worked under a great leader you’ll never be the same and you’ll desire to always become one some day.        

Decide Higher™

Pamela Keim
Co-Founder & CEO, Keim Concept
Grand Tap Media 


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