“Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug!” Mary Chapin Carpenter-songwriter-The Bug 

From Pamela’s Desk

We all have experienced some form of this quote – onetime or another in our life. My husband calls it the Hammer and Nail…but bug and windshield are an equally good analogy. But it is how we handle those moments – is the true test of one’s moral character and intestinal fortitude – I am amazed when people revel in the misfortunes of others – and in this analogy become the windshield to our bugs life. But ask yourself this: Have you been that proverbial windshield in someone else’s life? How did that you feel? Why?   Now think – How did you feel when you were the bug? It may be time we do a better job in pest control – by reassessing our own motives …and I doing so -letting ourselves to Fly (or should I say Buzzing…LOL) even higher!!

Decide Higher™

Pamela Keim
Co-Founder & CEO, Keim Concept
Grand Tap Media


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