What is an Idea Party?

An Idea Party is a gathering of smart, creative and funny humans for the sole purpose of creating a burst of ideas and inspiration.

What great fun! Today we call it a “brainstorming party” where we bounce ideas off others, in a safe encouraging environment. This process has been a proven way for many to expand their thought processes and gain more insight to reaching desired goals or dreams. For it has been proven that when sharing one’s ideas within a group of caring friends, constructive ideas, are generated and success can be exponentially increased; just by taking part in the brainstorming party! So, do you like sharing ideas and working with others?  If you said “YES” – Then please, signup to be added to our ever growing list of people that we can invite to our next Success Team Member Idea Party.  By doing so, you will meet new people and connect to your community.  We are convinced that by bringing people together, we can help build a fun, engaging network of collaborative minded people.

Success Team was great! It helped keep me laser focused on what I was trying to accomplish and the camaraderie that our group built will be an ongoing recourse that I will cherish.  I am looking forward to participating in the Idea Parties for years to come!


Rachel Caliendo

Owner, Tom+Chee